Jacob’s Toys (Claudia Woods)

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The Baby Bookworm

Hello, friends! Our book today is Jacob’s Toys by Claudia Woods, the tale of six cuddly toys going on a backyard adventure.

Jake decides that since he is a big boy now, he no longer needs his stuffed animals to play with. His mother agrees, promising to give the toys a wash then find them a new home. Put in the spin cycle then hung out to dry on a line, the six friends – Ted and Dupree, Tessa Turtle, Poncho and Mousy Dundee, and tiny reindeer Paul – contemplate their uncertain future. Just then, a huge storm kicks up, separating little Paul from the group. Unwilling to lose their friend, the group manages to follow Paul, kicking off a thrilling sequences of perils, cat chases, flying umbrellas and more. Where will their journey lead them? To a new home… or perhaps to a surprisingly familiar friend?

Very cute. Rhyming…

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