The Journey so far…

Writing and illustrating children’s books has been a passion of mine for a very, very long time! Thanks to my brother Monte, for believing in me and my work, this year I had my very first children’s book published through Harbour Publishing House.  The story is called Jacob’s Toys and it was inspired by my son Jacob as I watched him grow up.

During a phone call late one night, Monte asked me about the story that I had been working on and we discussed the challenges of getting published traditionally. This led to Monte staying up all night brainstorming, organising and ultimately setting up a crowd funding page. We were both overwhelmed by the support and generosity of family, friends and acquaintances.

After seeing an article about the project in the local newspaper, Garry Evans from Harbour Publishing House organised a meeting. A few months later a contract was signed…. and now, thanks to Monte and Harbour Publishing House, my dream has come true!



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  1. junkyardsistar

    Love your storytelling and illustrations. You are so talented. My granddaughter wants me to read your book each time I visit. She has memorized parts and reads along with me. Hoping to read more of Jacob’s Toys adventure in the future.

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  2. junkyardsistar

    Hey Claudia I would love to see some merchandising involving the Toys especially coming up to Christmas. In particular Paul. Also thanks to Monte for helping your dream to come true.


      1. junkyardsistar

        My beautiful Japanese Yoga Teacher Donna and I were named the Junkyard Sistars by her husband Peter. We are trying to reuse recycle and reduce other people’s waste by collecting and reinventing it. Donna has made a bee motel and other useful garden items from our collections. It’s great fun and always an sdventure

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